Monday, 27 July 2015

West Berkshire Mencap

I can't quite believe it's nearly half a year since I posted here! That's not to say I haven't done anything charitable - more that I've been busy with work, but mostly with running after a small child.

I was lucky enough to attend a garden party at West Berkshire Mencap today, meeting lots of clients, families and staff which inspired me to revisit doing better things for charity. However, all's not lost. Since I last posted, off the top of my head I have:

1. Taken three binbags of good stuff to Scope

2. Bought some books from a jumble sale in aid of the local WI - one of the books was appropriately called How to be a better person about a bloke who tries different voluntary assignments from hospital radio to Oxfam to driving old people around. I enjoyed it - the guy was a loveable curmudgeon who wanted to do his bit in a varied way for charity and had a brilliant comic eye for the annoyances of doing charity work.

3. Finally dug out the form I need to sign up for Contact the Elderly.

4. Took lots of photos all over Hertfordshire of local charities who were presented with cheques from a project I'm working on. This was brilliant fun and I met hundreds of dedicated charity staff and volunteers over the course of two days - it was like a philanthropy roadshow.

5. Fully intended to do the Boys Beating Cancer 1km family fun run at Newbury Showground yesterday but put off by driving rain and little man's sniffles.

6. Pledged to post here more. Definitely inspired by Seb Hunter in (2) to do more varied things.

Feel free to inspire me!