Monday, 9 February 2015

Community of Hungerford Theatre Company

I love a good jumble so was delighted to see there was one within a stone's throw of our house at the weekend. However, what happened next surprised me!

I decided to go through the house with a black bag and find donations; two squash rackets (unused since 1998), some comedy DVDs, some books, some blankets, some clothes (including a shirt that was too small for MrM, but don't tell him), some crockery, some vases, some toys, a brand new baby hat and so on and so on. I hauled the full bag up the hill and donated it and then crucially, did not hang around for the event to begin!

I'm a new woman I tell you. And I have a much tidier house!

The theatre company's next performance is Whistle Down The Wind - John O'Gaunt School, Priory Road, Hungerford Weds 18th - Sat 21st Feb - 7:15pm Evening & 2:15pm Sat Matinee

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