Friday, 21 February 2014

British Heart Foundation - Ramp up the red

I donated but didn't wear red - fortunately I'm behind the camera!


West Berkshire businesswomen raised more than £50 for the British Heart Foundation when they “ramped up the red” at the Athena Network’s Newbury meeting last week.

Members and guests donated and wore red in support of the BHF’s Heart Month, organised locally by Alison Rosier, the charity’s fundraising volunteer manager for Wiltshire and West Berkshire and charity member of the Athena Network team.

Alison said: “Thank you so much for your kind contribution; I can’t thank the Athena Network ladies enough for daring to go red to fight coronary heart disease and taking part in this year’s campaign. Every pound raised will make a difference to people’s lives.

“Heart and circulatory disease is still the UK’s single biggest killer, claiming one in three lives every year. That’s why their effort means so much - with the continued support from our community, we are able to go on saving more lives every year.”


Friday, 14 February 2014

Cancer Research Dryathlon - Happy Valentine's Day

MrM and I will be having a little tipple tonight, although neither of us is that keen to spend our cash on bits of red plastic and other heart shaped tat just because people say we should.

We like to show our love for each other every day, although, if I'd stayed in bed 5 minutes longer instead of getting up to rant about the neighbour slamming the door and waking me up, I would have had breakfast in bed thanks to my lovely hubby! Anyway, I digress! The reason I mentioned the tipple (champagne, free from Waitrose!) was that I haven't been drinking as I really need to improve my fitness and overall health.

The Cancer Research Dryathlon has proved to be an incredible deterrent to not opening the wine, owing to the kindness of strangers. An anonymous donor sponsored me, as did my sister! The thought of letting them and the charity down has made not drinking a breeze rather than a chore!

I've topped it up to make a donation of £25. Thanks to everyone for their support and thanks to the horrible weather for making me want to do nothing but stay at home in the warm! Cheers!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Ladybird Pre-school

No jumble today but lots of books, rather bizarrely some Christmas decorations which didn't seem to be attracting much interest, and of course cake! Today's charity was Ladybird Pre-School in Newbury. They didn't try to recruit the McBaby!