Sunday, 30 March 2014

Lent days 20 to 23

Halfway there (woah, living on a prayer!).

20: I'm a few days behind, so Wednesday, day 20 (which was actually Friday) I gave someone a box of chocolates.

21: Then on Thursday, day 21 (which was actually half an hour later on the Friday), I gave someone this book:

The person I gave it to is well-placed to read it, understand it and put it in the hands of people that can benefit from it. It's an amazing book by the incredible Mary Craig (she wrote the best-seller Blessings about her work with Sue Ryder and how this helped her through bringing up one child with gargoylism and one with Down's Syndrome).
Voices from Silence is about a process in which people who have been perceived unable to speak owing to their disabilities are helped to communicate.

22: On Friday, day 22, which was actually Saturday, I noticed that one of our neighbours was moving out. Feeling bad that I had never got to know him, I gave him some peanut brittle and wished him well in his new house. I should really have done that 5 months ago.

23: Later on Saturday, day 23, I collected some of our random bits and bobs such as a new bottle of bubble bath, a beautiful painting of some flowers, a book on Green Living and some children's Thomas the Tank Engine bubble baths and handed them over at the Swap Shop in town. This means, hopefully, some unknown strangers will have picked them up.

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