Thursday, 6 March 2014

Ash Wednesday

I don't mean to trivialise Lent but rather than give up chocolate or heaven forbid, alcohol, for 40 days and nights, I decided that I would give someone a present for each day of Lent. By that, I mean a different person every day, or else someone's going to get bored).

So I kicked off yesterday by forgetting to bring my gift when seeing the first person, but remembered for the fabulous Tracey and presented her with a copy of a book called "The joy of plumbing". While it is about plumbing, it's really about finding your dreams and setting up your own business. The author set up a women's-only plumbing business which can be franchised by women all over the UK. Fortunately Tracey loved it and also loved the fact that the author, Hattie Hasan called her women's-only plumbing business Stop Cocks Plumbing!