Wednesday, 3 April 2013

YMCA and Mercy in Action, Theale

Just taken a bag of more things to the YMCA and it's just so lovely that the staff are so grateful for the donation. "What beautiful things", today's lady said - I wasn't sure if she was referring to Pierce Brosnan on the cover of one book, or the massive and brand new guide to the heritage of Great Britain!

I also thought it was worth mentioning Mercy in Action in Theale as I happened to stumble upon it yesterday (I'm sure there weren't any charity shops in Theale last time I was here). I don't know where they get their stock from, but there's some lovely bits and bobs including vintage china and I even found a Princess Diana book that I must have taken to a different charity shop, as it had my mum's name in the front!

They even had a Jennings book in here - very rare to see these in charity shops, and appropriately priced at £6.

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