Friday, 26 April 2013

Wear it Loud for Mary Hare, school for deaf children

Mary Hare Newbury, the specialist school for deaf children, is holding a Deaf Awareness event at its Hearing Centre in Weaver's Walk, Newbury on Thursday, 9th May.

The event is part of Deaf Awareness Week from 6th to 10th May and has been put on to offer advice from an audiologist, specialist products, a prize draw and refreshments.

Mary Hare is also asking people to go to work in their "loudest and brightest" clothes to raise money (by paying £1) to support the work of the school.

For more info, click here You can find out more and even donate the money you raise online.

Monday, 22 April 2013

West Berks Food Bank

Popped into Waitrose to get a magazine that is featuring an article I wrote and was presented with a leaflet at the door by a volunteer from the West Berkshire Food Bank.

Instead of collecting money, they were asking for practical help and hoping that shoppers would buy and donate one of the items on their list which included: instant mash potato, pasta sauce, sugar, tinned meat/fish/rice pudding or sponges. I of course, chose tea bags, as that would be my first choice if I couldn't afford food.

They are leaving a donation point in Waitrose, so please pop an extra item into your trolley if you can!


Sunday, 21 April 2013


When a charity does this......

you know they're serious about their fundraising....

The McBaby couldn't believe his eyes when he saw people paying to throw wet sponges at the poor man in the stocks. I found it a bit hard to watch, except that one lovely lady paid her pound and then wrung out each sponge before throwing it.

It was all part of a fundraiser in aid of West Berkshire Mencap held in Thatcham on Saturday, complete with bric-a-brac, plant stall, hand massages and even non-alcoholic cocktails!