Thursday, 14 February 2013

COINS -Christian Outreach in Newbury Schools

We've missed a couple of Thursday coffee mornings with holidays, magazine test drives and work getting in the way, so it was nice to be back this morning.

I bought the McBaby a cheese scone and some carrot cake for me - he ate both. We managed to hold onto the romantic biscuit (pictured) that is my only nod to Valentine's day to MrM, apart from the heart (for a £1 donation) in my post about the British Heart Foundation.

We also bought two DVDs, a hi-vis jacket (in case we break down in the campervan), a colourful Indian top and some showergel.

To my shame, I also tutted at a woman who won two prizes on the tombola and moaned that she didn't want them and wanted to swap them for other prizes.

I poked my enormous nose in and said: "That's not how a tombola works".

She glared at me, but the youngster on the tombola let her do it.

"I didn't want to let her but she was scary", she said.

Poor girl. But do we let people take the best prizes and get their way at charity fundraisers because they're "scary"? Bet they're pleased to see me back again after our hiatus!


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