Thursday, 7 February 2013

Cats Protection/Thatcham Town Football Club

Ah, the six weekly-elbowfest that is the Cat Protection jumble. I was far too bruised and injured to take any pictures of the event but I bought a bunch of old cameras and two framed photos in aid of Cats Protection.

I was so punch-drunk that I managed to drop one of the frames as I put it into the campervan, breaking all of the glass into millions of shards that scattered all over my handbag.


I still love this particular jumble sale though and will be back next time on Saturday, 23rd March! (Remember if you're a buyer though that I'll be selling at the Acland Hall, Cold Ash on Saturday, 9th March first!)

More dates here:

Sunday was the Thatcham Town Football Club table top sale with lots of grumpy chavs refusing to make eye contact and selling paperback copies of Jordan's autobiography.

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