Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Pop! Save the Children

Do you send a lot of eBay parcels? Does a lot of your eBay profit get eaten up with packaging costs? Do you wish you were greener?

I am currently trying to sell everything I own to make a bit of money for the McBaby's college fund, so every time I go to the supermarket, I make sure I help myself to some bubble wrap when I'm buying my fruit. The supermarkets just throw it into landfill and then spend money on more packaging.

This saves me a fortune and gives my conscience a hug too. I use the bubble wrap to help protect my eBay parcels. I noticed a while back that a relatively small roll of bubble wrap is a ridiculous £3.99 in the post office.

However, my bubble wrap collection has got out of hand and we had a house viewing that needed preparing for, so I asked today in the Save the Children shop if they needed bubble wrap. Their reaction was one of the most positive I've had in a while and the volunteer showed me the basket behind the till that had one sheet in it!

So my charity thing for today was to donate bubble wrap and a book. Can you help a charity shop/your pocket/the environment by repurposing some bubble wrap?

Monday, 17 December 2012


The company I currently work for (well I will until Wednesday!) used to generously support Barnardo's until cutbacks hit.

I am constantly aware that we have so much while others have so little, but on Saturday this was really brought home to me. The McBaby had a little party attended by other smalls and their parents. We didn't think anyone would bring a present, but everyone has been incredible and brought birthday and Christmas gifts galore - far more than he can play with!

So I've decided that I'm going to make a Christmas donation to Barnardo's on behalf on the little man. Hopefully he'll come to understand as he gets older that it is only by chance that he has been born into a family where we hope he will never go hungry. We're not at all rich in monetary standards, yet compared to many families across the world, we're truly blessed. We have shelter, warmth, music, laughter, food, drink, more drink, drink again, and love.

We had a lovely time on Saturday, and it is to my shame, but amusement that I have to admit that I saw an adult eating some of the baby snacks and I didn't say anything! We had music, singing and balloons aplenty as well as THREE birthday cakes. We'd like to say thank you to everyone who came to his party and wish you all a very Happy Christmas!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

First Newbury Scouts

As well as putting my 11-month-old onto the waiting list, I always boosted the First Newbury group's coffers by just under a fiver after buying most of the Christmas goodies at their fundraising coffee morning today.

I bought:

a little football for the boy

A packet of lovely Christmas cards

A Christmas serving plate

Some fairy lights

A board game

"Merry Christmas" bunting


and most importantly....a 10p whoopee cushion.

Charity shops in numbers - from Management Today

-9,000 charity shops in the UK

£974m total takings in 2011

-180,000 volunteers

-23 average number of volunteers per shop.

-55% of people used a charity shop last year

-£6.50 average transaction value

Also, living in Newbury I was pleased, but astonished to read this piece here on the town....

Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas - "insert favourite Christmas song here"

We're into December, so it's now safe to talk about Christmas! I'm not going to lecture you on how it's the time of year to think about those less fortunate than yourself, but if, like me, you're drowning in stuff and people are asking what you'd like then here are some charity initatives that you might like to have a shufty at:

1. NSPCC's Letter from Santa

We sent one of these last year and it was very well received - make your young friends smile!

2. Operation Christmas CHild

All you have to do is fill a shoebox with some lovely things for children in countries all over the world.

3. Local to Newbury? How about the Children's toy appeal?

Simply donate a toy that's new but unwrapped.

4. A Kids Company Christmas

Netmums is helping the Kids COmpany to raise money for its "Merry Quidmas" campaign for children who will be alone on Christmas day.

Text KIDS GIFT to 70700 to make a £1 donation to help provide a gift for a vulnerable child.

Text costs £1 plus your standard operator charge. Kids Company receives the full £1 donation

5. Foodbanks

We all tend to buy more than we can eat at this time of year. Any extra will be gratefully received by a foodbank.

Happy Christmas everyone!!