Monday, 17 December 2012


The company I currently work for (well I will until Wednesday!) used to generously support Barnardo's until cutbacks hit.

I am constantly aware that we have so much while others have so little, but on Saturday this was really brought home to me. The McBaby had a little party attended by other smalls and their parents. We didn't think anyone would bring a present, but everyone has been incredible and brought birthday and Christmas gifts galore - far more than he can play with!

So I've decided that I'm going to make a Christmas donation to Barnardo's on behalf on the little man. Hopefully he'll come to understand as he gets older that it is only by chance that he has been born into a family where we hope he will never go hungry. We're not at all rich in monetary standards, yet compared to many families across the world, we're truly blessed. We have shelter, warmth, music, laughter, food, drink, more drink, drink again, and love.

We had a lovely time on Saturday, and it is to my shame, but amusement that I have to admit that I saw an adult eating some of the baby snacks and I didn't say anything! We had music, singing and balloons aplenty as well as THREE birthday cakes. We'd like to say thank you to everyone who came to his party and wish you all a very Happy Christmas!

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