Saturday, 3 November 2012

Kindness CHallenge day 3 - tHank you!

Today's CHallenge is to write tHree tHank you notes. In tHe days wHen my "H" button used to work, (ie until tHis morning), I was an aVid writer of tHank you letters and someone remarked just a Couple of days ago tHat I am tHe only person He knows wHo says "please" and "THank you"!

So my tHree people are going to be:

1. My dad - I sHall write to Him by Hand! I want to say tHank you for His Constant support, kindness and inspiration. If tHere's someone wHo Could teaCH a tHing or two about kindness, it's Him.

2. My loVely Husband. I will also write to Him by Hand, altHougH it was our wedding anniVersary tHis week, and I told Him How muCH I appreCiate Him and loVe Him.

3. I am going to send a message Via soCial media to Martin Lewis from MoneysaVing expert wHo is a wonderful person wHo Has Helped so many people.

And a bonus one - I am going to send a message to Celestine Via soCial media to tHank Her for tHis CHallenge.

And bonus two: tHe person wHo Can fix my "H" and "V" buttons!!

Have you ever written thank you notes to others?

In every run of Be a Better Me in 30 Days, we would work on showing appreciation on Day 15, by way of writing thank you notes. It’s an incredible task every time the participants do it, for the thank you notes would elicit the most gentle and heartfelt of responses from others out of all the other tasks in the program.

Thank-you notes are a powerful way to express your love and gratitude for others. I think that there is no better thing than to openly express gratitude to someone whom you feel grateful for.

This is why I often express gratitude openly on PE, as well as on my Facebook page. I would often thank all of you angels for being in my life; at the same time I receive daily messages of love, support, and encouragement from all of you. The pursuit of my work is independent of whether I receive these words of appreciation, yet they undoubtedly fuel me in my journey and growth, because it touches me to know that you guys care.

Today, your task is to express your appreciation to others.

Your Task: Write 3 Thank-You Notes to 3 People You Appreciate
1. Identify 3 people you appreciate. It could be for something that each of them have done for you or said to you at one point or another. It could be for something major or something small.
2.Write thank-you notes to each of the 3 people.
•These thank-you notes can be written in any format—e-mail, thank-you cards, handwritten letters, SMS, social media sites, and so on.
•Try to go for the medium that can best convey your intent and sincerity with the message though; I tend to think a sudden SMS with a few words saying, “Hey, thank you for what you did for me yesterday” is a lot less sincere and impactful as a nice, long, handwritten letter on paper, put nicely in an envelope and passed in person.
3.After you are done, share your results in the comments section. Fill everyone in on who you picked, why, how you chose to express your appreciation, and their responses when they received the thank-you notes (where applicable).

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