Sunday, 4 November 2012

Day 4 - Kindness Challenge: Sign Up for Volunteer Work (On Top of Whatever You Have Been Doing)

Today's challenge is to sign up for volunteer work - lovely!

I try to do as much as I can for charity but tend to donate as and when to ensure I cover a wide variety of causes. However, one charity that's close to my heart is the Alzheimer's Society and I try to do things for the local branch, particularly letting the local media know what's going on.

I also used to be a befriender. I visited an amazing lady who sadly died a couple of years ago. I then was matched up with another lady who moved away temporarily to be in a home and loved it so much she's still there!

The befriending side of things has lapsed, so tomorrow (Monday), I shall contact the local branch and offer to visit someone again.

And then I thought, you know what, I'm passionate about the environment, why don't I set up my own environmental charity. So I am going to start campaigning about plastic bag use. I am trying to start a twitter identity (er, not easy!) and then will start an awareness campaign. I have even gathered together all of my bags for life and will be giving them away to people who pledge to take them shopping with them.

Thanks Celes for kick starting my volunteeering - just what I needed!

Me "helping" at a local Alzheimer's event

Do you do volunteer work?

Volunteer work is one of the best ways to expose yourself to a new medium of helping other people. There are tons of volunteer work out there, from assisting the elderly at the old folks’ home, working with delinquent kids, being a mentor to kids at orphanages, helping out at animal shelters, beach cleanups, and so on.

Volunteer work doesn’t have to be some grandiose act. As long as you are offering a part of yourself pro bono to the world (be it in terms of skills, knowledge, time, effort, or money), you are in fact volunteering.

For example, someone who spends his/her time mentoring kids for free in his/her alma mater out of his/her kindness can be considered as doing volunteer work. Someone who helps to curate and moderate the discussions in an online forum (without charge, out of his/her desire to help) and to ensure the discussions are of quality standard can be considered as doing some form of volunteer work too.

I often regard everything I’m doing now as a form of volunteer work—I write articles, record podcasts/web lectures and constantly brainstorm of new initiatives to help others grow, without tying money to them or expecting payback. I’ve just found a way to make my work pay for my bills, which allows me to give myself freely to others, so that they don’t need to pay to benefit from what I have to offer.

Today, your task is to sign up for volunteer work!

Your Task: Sign Up for Volunteer Work (On Top of Whatever You Have Been Doing)
1.Think of a volunteer work to sign up for.
•It can be volunteer work which you have thought of doing but have never done before. It can be volunteer work which you have done before but somehow stopped doing after a while.
•It doesn’t matter if you are currently doing volunteer work already or you have done volunteer work before—this task still applies to you. Even if you are currently doing some volunteer work, think of a new volunteer work to sign up for. Please do not say that this task doesn’t apply to you just because you are currently volunteering or because you just volunteered yesterday or last week or last month. That’s just a cop-out reason! The 14-Day Kindness Challenge has never been about going from an “unkind” person to a “kind” person—it’s about challenging our boundaries to be kinder. I’m hereby challenging you to push your boundaries and think about how you can expand your propensity for kindness!
2.Then, look for an organization where you can volunteer your help, be it for an ongoing basis, a certain duration (once a week? once every two weeks?), or at the very least, one or two days. Google it, check with friends, visit local community websites… Go sign yourself up RIGHT NOW, TODAY. Your day of volunteer doesn’t have to be today or tomorrow, just that you should sign up or initiate some form of registration or inquiry to register BY TODAY. No procrastination allowed! (Coincidentally, my KISS92 Segment tomorrow is about procrastination!)

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  1. Marge, I'm so proud of you!! Keep up the great work in #KindnessChallenge; did a plug of your blog on my Facebook too because I've been so impressed by your daily task posts and followthrough on the challence!