Monday, 12 November 2012

Cold Ash swap shop

How friendly were all of the volunteers at the Cold Ash swap shop? Being greeted and smiled at really made the event which I stupidly took the McBaby to on Saturday morning.

The idea is like freecycle, you brings things you no longer need and you take anything that catches your eye. In fact, I believe you can even take things without bringing something to swap!

So I took in a beautiful Japanese kettle, some pretty artificial flowers, some toys and books. Despite many people asking, I didn't swap the McBaby (in fact, he started shouting and we had to leave quite quickly), but not before I'd picked up some books!

A brilliant idea - many thanks Cold Ashians!!


  1. I went! Picked up some good books, necklaces decorative glass, DVDs, toys etc - they didn't seem to mind me leaving with a massive bag of goodies when I'd only taken in three plates and some coasters!

    My mum had given me a Beatrix Potter plate to hand in as well, but I rather liked it and "accidentally" left it in the car. I better hide it when she comes round!

    1. Oooh, I didn't see you there! Probably just as well as I might have ended up in that bag with all your other finds!