Wednesday, 31 October 2012

#Kindness Challenge

A few months ago, my friend in Singapore sent me a link to a blog as she thought it would help me with some issues I was having.

It did. And what a blog...

The blog is The Personal Excellence Blog and is a great resource for those dark, grey days (see outside window for details) when everything seems to get on top of me.

The wonderful blogger there has wise words and great advice and the occasional month-long challenge. They've always been of interest, but this one made me sit up and take notice. It's about being kind. I always consider myself to be a kind person. If I can help, I do. I always, always put others first. I picked up a hitchhiker yesterday. I let a homeless person have our second bedroom last year. I literally have 70p in my wallet to last until NEXT payday, yet I've just bought a birthday present for someone.

But I want to be kinder all of the time, not just when it suits me. SOmetimes I can leap to conclusions very quickly and am not kind at all to people - I judge people who don't talk properly, who can't spell, who don't say thank you to me when I hold doors open. I want to be more consistently kind.

So I have signed up to the challenge which can be followed via the blog and via #kindnesschallenge on twitter.

Today's challenge is to blog about the adventure and to update every day. Watch this space and please let me know if you feel I could do better!

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