Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Cancer Research UK - SHINE

I was asked to write this press release and am about to send it to the charity press, but thought -I'll put it here first!


Cancer Research UK recently received a helping hand for its annual Shine night-time walking event from Renault when the manufacturer lent the event a fleet of vehicles.

The Shine events are walking half-marathon and marathon events that are held at night time around the streets of London and Manchester. More than 10,000 participants took part in this year’s event, raising an estimated £2m for cancer charities.

Renault lent a fleet of three minibuses, two Trafic vans and four M├ęgane Hatch to assist with the smooth running of the event and as support vehicles for anyone who injured themselves while taking part.

Brian Goddard from Cancer Research UK said: “The Shine event is unusual as participants can choose which cancer charities they want their money to be allocated to.

“It all went extremely well and we can’t thank Renault enough with their help for the London leg. It was wonderful to be able to transport staff, volunteers and participants around in comfort and style, and additionally, the loan of the vehicles saved us thousands of pounds in car hire fees, meaning that all money raised goes directly to where it’s needed most.”


1. Brian Goddard from Cancer Research UK at the beginning of the Shine event, pictured with the fleet of Renault vehicles.

For more info, please contact @magatha28 or @grovewoodpr

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