Friday, 28 September 2012

World's biggest coffee morning

Tell me this; how can it be the end of September already?!

This is the time of year that Macmillan Cancer Research holds its World Biggest Coffee Morning and if I'd had more warning that the end of the month was nigh, I would have hosted one at the McTowers!

As it was, we went to the coffee morning held at Hungerford United Reform Church in the school room at the back where for a donation of all my cash, we had a fabulous Victoria sponge (shared with the McBaby who actually did eat some of it as well as throw some all over the floor) and a coffee.

*Not charity related, but as an aside and as part of my plastic diet inspired by this lovely lady I took a bag of bubble wrap to the Hungerford Arcade where it will be reused. They were very grateful for it and it's good that it will get another life! Yay!

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