Saturday, 22 September 2012

St John's Church/YMCA/Oxfam/Salvation Army

More clothes and books (mostly on Princess Diana) to those handy charity banks at the supermarket car park in aid of Oxfam and the Salvation Army. I must state for the record that the clothes were mine, the books were my mums.

Then a carrier bag of DVDs and handbags to the YMCA shop. A friend of ours sadly lost her mum recently and took a lot of things to a charity shop where unbelievably, they were very rude to her! MrM told her that Newbury's YMCA are unfailingly polite when you take donations in, so hopefully she'll be going there instead.

Then it was Thursday again so our coffee morning at St Nicolas CHurch, strangely in aid of St John's Church!

I bought the shower gel and a notebook (you can never have enough notebooks, can you? Especially when your baby boy thinks they're for eating), and also tried a few goes on the tombola, exhibiting my additive nature. I didn't win anything which shows a streak of luck that's more lucky than winning, if you see what I mean.

"Did you have your eye on something?" the organiser asked.
"Not really - just the Sanctuary boxset for my mum", I said.

When I was leaving, we said goodbye to him and he stopped me. "SOmeone won the Sanctuary boxset and didn't want it," he said. "It's for your mum".

I couldn't accept it, but he insisted. I was really touched by this - I am certain that there was no such person who won a prize and didn't take it! Thank you lovely man at St John's Church!

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