Thursday, 27 September 2012

Mobile phones, Chippenham and of course, cake...

I was in the interesting town of Chippenham for work this week and noticed that many of the shops here are charity shops which, while not a good sign for the economy, makes me very happy!

I had a good look around and while tempted by many things came away empty handed but open mouthed. That's because while in the shop below, one of the volunteers pushed past me so violently that one of my head very nearly went through a glass display case. I came out straight away bemused. And then bemusement gave way to an uncontrollable fit of the giggles!

After that, I stuck to the relative "safety" of the Thursday coffee morning, after swinging by Orange to recycle a phone for charity. I had a bag of medical books from the 1930s for one of the regulars at the jumble sale today and also a donation for the sale which was in aid of Leckhampstead WI.

However trying to hand over these items was not easy. MrT joked about the weight of the books. Then the lady manning (does that sound right? Can you "man" a stall if you're a lady) the stall gave me a highly suspicious look when I tried to hand over my good things, including new clothes with tags, make up sets and a lovely brand new clutch bag, asking me why I was donating and that she couldn't pay me for them.

I then won a couple of prizes on the tombola, but since I already have tonnes of soap, hundreds of notelets and a box full to bursting with Christmas decorations, I said they could re-use them. They thought this was highly irritating. "We've already thrown the tickets away".

So I tried to hand the prizes to the bric-a-brac stall. Cue more harrumphing.

"I'll buy a cake!" I thought -that won't cause any problems. Wrong!

When I asked what flavour two of the cakes were, they told me to go to the other side of the room and ask a lady over there. I chose one thinking it was either chocolate or coffee.

"The chocolate one?" I was asked.

"Oh I thought you didn't know what flavour it was," I said, getting irritable.

"I thought you were asking about the orange cake," she said.

More uncontrollable giggling!


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