Thursday, 13 September 2012


"It's Thursday so you must have just been to the weekly coffee morning - what did you get, what did you get?" I hear you cry.

I'm just being brought a cup of tea and a scone (thank you mum) and will not keep you waiting a moment longer. Today was in aid of Cherubs, the playgroup on Tuesdays that the McBaby and I went to a couple of times before the summer.

I handed over some good stuff when we arrived; a funky green children's lampshade, a brand new bright red nappy bag, a cushion I bought in India that I loved until the McBaby kept picking sequins and what-have-you from the top and eating them, and some other, less-perilous items.

The stuff was great today - brilliant for children and all for £4 (excluding my numerous attempts on the tombola - fortunately my mum won something; a Shallow Grave DVD!). I got some wellies for the McBaby, a potty (not long until we use that), A Thomas the Tank engine plate for McCousin, two pirate coat hooks for the McBaby's bedroom, some swimming nappies (I haven't bought any yet!), a photoframe that I've been instructed to furnish with photo of McBaby and McCousin for McGrandma to take home, some handwash and a children's book.

All that and a catch-up with three lovely mums, plus cake. Which reminds me that one of the aforementioned lovely mums made a cake for today's sale and somehow managed to drop it out of the window while icing it!

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