Thursday, 16 August 2012

YMCA/Newbury Blind Club/Sue Ryder

We move a step closer....

The estate agent came round to value the house and said it's ready for sale, adding: "It just needs a little declutter" which amused me no end.

So, yet more stuff has gone out. A carrier to the Sue Ryder shop in town, a donation to the Newbury Blind CLub jumble sale (including a very expensive Boden skirt that I never wore) and a load of cookery books to the YMCA shop.

I didn't see the Blind CLub ladies put out my brown Boden skirt for sale, so if you happen upon it in one of the town's charity shops, know this: I bought it for £40 and NEVER WORE IT.

I am slapping myself on the head as I type....

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