Friday, 6 July 2012

Ufton Court Educational Trust

A rare evening off for MrM last night, so he and I took the McBaby to the horseracing! We wanted to show him that gambling is wrong, so we deliberately lost £5 on an each way bet. Ahem. But there was a great atmosphere and since the racecourse is actually nearer to our house than the supermarket, it was fitting that we should finally spend some time here to let him experience the thrill of horses galloping by.

Last night's racing was in aid of the Ufton Court Education Trust which provides education for children in an inspiring historical context.

At Ufton children and young people explore the historical and environmental world through real, hands on experiences.

Ufton is an educational centre for children and young people run by the Ufton Court Educational Trust, a registered charity established in 2006, which aims to provide an inspirational historical home offering innovative and challenging experiences to young people.

Over 6000 young people visit Ufton Court each year and take part in a wide range of activities. Those studying history have a unique opportunity to live in an Elizabethan House as if it were their own, to explore and discover the house’s secrets and to experience firsthand sixteenth century life.

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