Friday, 6 July 2012

Mobiles for Meals

Having just unpacked my suitcase after a month-long holiday, I was surveying some of the weird and wonderful things that I had brought home from Hong Kong. None of the usual souvenirs for me - instead, I had encouraged my mum to declutter and leapt upon the chance to rid her home of the old, no, not old, antediluvian mobiles that were sitting in her drawer.

With these three mobiles in front of me, it was therefore very good timing that I received an email from netmums who are appealing for people to hand in their old mobiles to Orange for recycling. Any profits will then go to Kids COmpany who will then help pay for meals for disadvantaged children.


There are an estimated 15 million unused mobiles in the UK, each one worth from £5 to £100+. Orange and T-Mobile are kindly putting any unused phones we can find through their recycling programme. It’s an amazing opportunity to provide nurturing (both food and love) to a child who otherwise will stay hungry.

This website encourages you to take a picture of yourself as you recycle your mobile. I did take a photo but it just shows a very raindrenched hand in front of a blurry store. Trust me, you're not missing anything.

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