Monday, 16 July 2012

Community Youth Project and Scope

It's been a pitiful summer which means everything is a washout. Crucially, that means boot sales are thin on the ground (while mud is thick on the ground). I am in the midst of a never-ending clear out, caused in part by the fact that I take things to the charity shop and then come out with more than I went in with!).

So I was quite excited when I saw an indoor boot sale advertised. Here was my chance to have a clear out, assisted by my little helper, pictured below.

However, I struggled to sell anything and still can't work out why. I only sold a bunch of candles and had two people walk away when I quoted prices of 50p for a cushion and a beautiful coffee plunger. I only bought one thing; a Jennings book, and coffee was provided. Actually, one of the volunteers also provided biscuits for the McBaby - so generous of her that I let him have one, despite it being coated in sugar. Eek.

Interestingly, another seller gave me £2 when I groaned about losing a coin that had shot out of the hole in my jeans pocket. I couldn't accept it from her but she put it in my bra! I pretended I'd found the original coin and returned it when I was leaving.

And so we left with quite a lot, so I was able to drop off two bin bags at the Scope shop in town. I specifically chose this one because the prices are reasonable and the staff polite. Until today. I had to say "thank you" in a certain tone of voice before the manager said thank you for lugging in two full binbags with one hand and a baby in the other!


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