Saturday, 28 July 2012

Cats Protection

Just stumbled upon this jumble sale in aid of Cats Protection while en route to the shops to get liquid refreshment.

Fortunately the McBaby was fast asleep, so I left him for two minutes while I went in. The number of people was phenomenal, and it was fortunate that I didn't bring him in as I got barged quite forcefully a few times! I quickly grabbed two items, paid 70p and RAN!

Number one was a colourful 70s-style from Wallis for 50p and then I bought an outdoor tablecloth for 20p. And in a rare moment of blogging bravery, I model both for you below.....


  1. Top jumbling! You're not wrong though - jumble sales and small people definitely don't mix.

  2. I do love a jumble! That dress is fab on you! x