Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Someone like you

Excitement is building at the McTowers as we went to get our World Book Night books today!

(I'll gloss over the fact that when I got to Waterstones to collect, I realised the McBaby's pushchair had a puncture and that I was completely unable to carry the 24 books. I shall try again tomorrow - perhaps I'll leave the baby in the shop).

Anyway, we have 24 copies of Roald Dahl's Someone Like you. I chose this from the list as it's a compelling collection of short stories - ideal for people who don't read a lot.

If you are also a local giver, please let me know! I'm @magatha28 or @charity365 on twitter and would love to swap one of my copies of Someone Like you for another book on the list (list is here: www.worldbooknight.org )

If you're interested in receiving one of my 23 copies (you don't have to live locally), please let me know! It was 24, now 23 as one has been promised - we're on the way!


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