Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Community Furniture Project

Have you seen a programme called "Get your house in order"? Basically, a man comes round to your house, insults you and shouts at you, sells a load of your stuff and then the money is used to pay an interior designer to do up as much of your house as she can with the cash.

I loathe this show yet seem mysteriously drawn to it. And it was after watching it that I decided to sell everything I own. My problem is not that I am a hoarder, but that our house is quite small and even the McBaby's bumbo in the middle of the floor makes the place looks cluttered.

So my life is pretty much up for sale. Do you need a bookcase? I have one. £10. Do you need a weird cookie jar that looks like Mammy from Gone with the Wind? I'm open to offers. A kimono? Oh yes, I have a new one.

One of the things I was selling was a nest of tables which is really useful but a bit 80s and hasn't attracted much attention. I decided that I would take it to the Community Furniture Project (and by that I mean that it's been sitting in our van for ages and MrM finally dropped it off the other day when it became apparent that the table was blocking his field of vision).

Everyone can shop at the Project. You don't have to be on a low income, on benefits or a pensioner - but if you are, you will get up to 30% off regular prices!

By selling to everyone, not only do we encourage helping the environment through re-use, but we also help to support the costs of providing our service to people who really need it.

We have beds, sofas, armchairs, tables, chairs, wardrobes, chests of drawers, fridges, freezers, washing machines, tvs, stereos, video recorders, microwaves, buggies, pushchairs and all sorts of things for the home.

All electrical goods are safety tested in our own workshop before we sell them.

We offer a low-cost delivery service, which aims to deliver the next working day; you pay the delivery charge at the same time as other items you buy. We can also provide household clearance and furniture removals.



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  1. I'm also trying to declutter, there just isn't enough space! Glad that your still doing all the charity stuff and helping to free up space too! Hope your all well.xx