Monday, 23 April 2012

Cold Ash swap shop

Despite my taste for international travel, I always do my best to live in a green way, although of course, there's more that we could do. One of the things I do is to worry constantly that we will run out of landfill space in the next couple of years. People are too eager to throw things away, whether it's food that's a minute past the "best before date", clothes or out-of-fashion furniture. So anything that saves things from being thrown away (as someone pointed out the other day, "there is no away", is to be commended. That's why I'll be taking a load of baby stuff, some books, a HUGE pile of motoring magazines and furniture to the COld Ash swap shop next weekend. It's not strictly a "charity" thing but it's fantastic idea. And who knows, I might find something to take home!
Saturday 28th April, 10:00 am to 12:00 mid-day Acland Hall, Hermitage Road, Cold Ash Our first Swap Shop on November 19th 2011 was a huge success - the quality of donations was outstanding so it was really easy to pick up something you wanted. This is the first of two Swap Shops we will run in 2012. Again it's a chance for you to pass on unwanted items to a good home by bringing them along on the day and/or take something useful yourself. Youare welcome to come along whether you are only bringing items to leave, just hoping to pick up a few things of interest, or both. Either way it will not cost you a penny! We are looking for items which are clean and in good working order, which may be useful to others - these can include toys books tools and DIY materials CDs & DVDs small items of furniture household items & furnishings games garden equipment small mains electric appliances* *these will be PAT tested, for electrical safety, on the day before being accepted All items must be small and light enough to be easily carried by one person If you are bringing things along to recycle then please arrive no later than 11:00 am. Sadly there are a few things which we cannot accept and so we would ask that you to please note the following: NO clothes NO food/drink NO baby/child car seats NO knives NO paint/chemicals NO previously opened toiletries If you have larger items such as bicycles, push chairs or furniture then just let us have a photograph and we will display this with your contact details on a board at the event. Items in the Swap Shop not taken will be given to the Community Furniture Project who will make them available for re-use, or for appropriate recycling. Light refreshments will be available on sale during the event. If you have any questions about the SWAP SHOP then please feel free to contact us via the ‘Contact us’ facility WHY NOT START PUTTING THOSE UNWANTED ITEMS ASIDE NOW - READY FOR 28th APRIL? Note that the second Swap Shop in 2012 will be on Saturday 10th November Acland Hall, Cold Ash Why do we run these? Disposing of unwanted items often means they end up in landfill sites - expensive and a waste of energy. The most efficient way of disposal is re-use - not only is there a consequent saving on landfill, but another similar item does not need to be manufactured if somebody else needs it. Through our Swap Shop there are two chances that an item will be re-used, either by somebody taking it away on the day, or via the Community Furniture Project who will find a user for it if possible. And, even if any item does not go for re-use, it will be correctly recycled so that there is the maximum possible saving of energy with minimum possible use of landfill. Thanks to all who helped make our first Swap Shop on November 19th 2011 such a huge success. See photos . The quality of donations was outstanding so it was really easy to pick up something you wanted, whether it was a pickaxe, a Digibox for your television, a smart office chair or just a book or jigsaw – it was all there! With 130+ people coming through the door we were busy for the full two hours, with an outstanding overall result. 484 Kg (that’s about HALF a TON) of items were taken away for re-use, which we assume would have otherwise eventually gone to landfill. In addition a smaller quantity was taken away by the Community Furniture Project for either re-use, or correct recycling. Also the proceeds from donations, and sale of refreshments, allowed us to break even financially. We are running Swap Shops again – it’s clear that they will be very popular. But, in the meantime, thanks to all who donated items, took items away, and helped at the event. Thanks also to the Community Furniture Project for their support and Greenham Common Trust who printed our flyers.

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  1. Totally agree, people are rather too quick to throw things away. The more we can recycle the better.xx