Sunday, 18 March 2012


Is there any finer way of helping to fundraise than eating cake? While down in Cornwall, my sister took the McBaby and I to a cake sale where indulged so much that it's just as well that I forgot my camera. There was an incredible choice of cupcake, yoghurt cake and chocolate cake that I couldn't decide. So I had everything with tea, tea, tea in return for a donation to the village's Queen's Jubilee party. Anything left over is going to the Cornwall Blind Association.

The head baker's daughter even held the McBaby while we stuffed our faces. I am so moving down here....

We would like to challenge you to become a Visually Impaired Person for a few hours, to help raise awareness of World Sight Day 2012. We have a variety of simulated glasses that you might like to try out and gain an insight into living life in someone elses shoes whilst you raise funds for Cornwall Blind Association.

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  1. Ooh sounds lovely and very tasty. I do love cake and especially when it's for a good cause:-)