Thursday, 8 March 2012

Bus of Hope

Last week, I bought this skirt in aid of "Bus of Hope" at the St NIcolas Church coffee morning. According to the website, Bus of Hope brings hope to communities, so I can see why they started in Newbury. I wish them luck. Newbury is a funny place, not helped by its central location, its transitional population, its rich/poor divide, its rude inhabitants and its lack of community feel.

Many individuals, and therefore communities, find themselves in situations where there appears to be no hope. It is our mission to bring hope into those situations. We are committed to the biblical mandate that helping communities in need is central to the purpose of local churches, wherever they are.

To fulfil this mission, of bringing hope to those who need it, the ‘Bus of Hope’ is used as a mobile resource from which various projects, services, and outreaches into our community can be facilitated to meet an identified need. We work with local churches, voluntary organisations, housing associations, the local council and police to identify those needs and establish and run the required projects. The ‘Bus of Hope’ will manage some of these projects directly and our partners will manage others as we partner with them.

We’re also committed to ensuring that as much as possible of the money that supporters give us is spent in ways that extend our available resources and capacity to bring hope to the people who need it.

God has directed us to see our first ‘Bus of Hope’ established in Newbury, Berkshire. Thereafter to see the realisation of our vision we are open to wherever God may lead us.

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