Sunday, 5 February 2012


The clear out continues! Just how much stuff do I have?! More books (mostly sporting biographies and football books from my teenage years) and clothes to the Tenovus charity shop in Cheap STreet, Sherborne.

At Tenovus our aims are simple: to help prevent, treat and find a cure for cancer.

In doing that we offer support, advice and treatment for cancer patients, information on cancer prevention and funding for research to improve the outcomes for people with cancer.

We do this where it is needed most - right at the heart of the community.

our vision:
We want a future where

fewer people get cancer everyone with cancer will have equal access to excellent treatment and support

our mission:
We will work in partnership to deliver innovative research-led cancer prevention, treatment and support in the community to people with the greatest need, initially in Wales.

our aims:
To deliver this vision, we have agreed a set of 4 strategic aims for the organisation for the next five years. They are:

aim 1 To provide treatment to cancer patients closer to home.

aim 2 To improve equity of access to cancer services.

aim 3 To deliver unique support services to cancer patients and their families.

aim 4 To conduct and fund research to improve cancer outcomes and experience

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