Monday, 31 October 2011

Thailand for CLIC Sargent!

The lovely Dannie (who, I think, is the only person reading my ramblings!) has emailed about the World Book night post I wrote a couple of days ago where I registered to be one of the people giving out books on World Book Night next year (23rd April 2012).

She said: "I am running a readathon next February for people to sit back, relax and read for anything from an hour to 12hours, all for charity. It costs just £5 to register for the event and can take place in the comfort of your own home."

What a brilliant idea! Please have a look if you can!

Sunday, 30th October - NCT

We paid the NCT for a course on childbirth today which proved to be very useful.

Our charitable purpose
We offer information and support in pregnancy, birth and early parenthood
We campaign to improve maternity care and ensure better services and facilities for new parents
We aim to give every parent the chance to make informed choices
We want to make sure that everyone has access to our services and activities

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Saturday, 29th October - World Book Night

After a talk last week where I learned the depressing statistic that 50% of children in the UK start at school with impoverished speech and language communication, I've been doing all I can to ensure that our little bean shares a love of books with MrM and I.

If you look around, you'll see that it's incredibly rare to read a sentence - even in the newspaper - that doesn't contain a spelling mistake, punctuation error or misuse of grammar. At the talk I attended, given by an ECAT worker (Every Child a Talker), it became obvious why children can't string a sentence together - many parents can't read or write! Combined with a love of texting, pushchairs where the baby faces forward and the fact that not many families eat together any more, it's clear that the English language and communication is the victim.

As an aside, I am so sick of seeing signs like this:

"Job vacancy's available" that I actually got a red marker pen out of my bag and changed one the other day. The funny thing was, that when I returned to the shop a week or so later, ALL of the signs had been reprinted to contain my correction!!

I'm actually in the process of trying to use my pedantry for the good and am about to include a proof reading service on my new website:

Anyway, I've been looking here:

and here:

..and have just registered with the World Book Night site in the hope of being invited to distribute books on their night next year 23rd April 2012. If you're interested in books, please consider registered to give away a book from their list on the night! I chose the brilliant Roald Dahl novel Someone Like You, because he's a writer who appeals to children and adults alike and is eminently readable. Someone Like You is filled with compelling short stories and I feel it will encourage people to get reading!

World Book Night is a celebration designed to spread a love of reading and books. Celebrated on April 23, 2012 it will see tens of thousands of people gift books within their communities to spread the joy and love of reading. In 2012 World Book Night will be celebrated in the UK, Ireland and USA.

The 25 books that will be part of WBN 2012 in the UK have now been announced and application to be one of the 20,000 givers has opened.

This site exists in order to celebrate books and to connect readers with one another. You can learn more about World Book Night itself, the 25 books, apply to be a giver and connect with other passionate readers.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Friday, 28th October - The Woodland Trust, Macmillan Cancer Support and Age UK.

Simply bought a book from Green Metropolis which means that not only is it being recycled, but some of the price is going to the three charities that the site supports: The Woodland Trust, Macmillan Cancer Support and Age UK.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Thursday, 27th October - National Association of Widows

St Nic's coffee morning again (is it really a week since the last one?!)

Today's charity was the local branch of the National Association of Widows. To be honest, I didn't know this existed, but what a lovely idea. I wish I'd known about this earlier so I could have recommended it to various people I know who've lost their husbands.

Instead of a jumble sale (and the associated punching and elbowing), there was a tombola this morning where I bought a ticket and won a Christmassy gift!!


Widowhood has been described as the single most common personal catastrophe. This catastrophe is a bereavement which affects women physically and socially as well as emotionally.

The National Association of Widows was founded in 1971 by June Hermer, who was herself a widow, in order to give ALL WIDOWS the specialist information, advice and support they needed.

If you are a widow you may find that you need:

the chance to contact other widows
someone to listen to without being judgmental
company and the chance for a better social life
help with practical matters
unconditional support
We are the only national self help organisation that offers comfort, friendship, and a listening ear as long as is needed.

Our local branches provide

regular meetings
the companionship of other widows
support to all members especially in times of difficulty or distress.
We also offer the hand of friendship through our national membership plus free pen club.

If you are a younger widow you can benefit from our "Younger Widows Contact List" which puts widows up to the age of 50 in contact with one another nationally.

Free confidential advice and information is given from our local Advisory Service (in conjunction with our sister charity The Widows Advisory Trust)

We know that becoming a widow is a devastating experience. We understand how adjusting to life without a partner is a slow and painful process; because we understand we are able to foster strength and a sense of purpose in women who feel that they have lost their future after the death of their partner.

And because the National Association is a self-help organisation we encourage widows to learn to grow in self confidence, to develop new skills as well as new friendships; to help in running local branches and in the policy making of the Association.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Wednesday, 26th October - Pedigree Adoption drive

Pedigree is donating £1 for every "virtual tour" completed simply by taking Ripley the dog for a walk here:

Simply spend 2 minutes clicking through to help give a dog a home. For every "tour" completed, Pedigree is giving money to the Association of Cats and Dogs Homes.

Most dogs in rehoming centres are there because their owners have decided,
for one reason or another, that they can no longer look after them.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Monday, 24th October - Blue Cross

I am making stocking fillers for friends and family (I am aware that Christmas is miles away, but it always leaps out and frightens me when I'm unprepared and not expecting it!).

So today's charity thing was stocking up on toiletries from the Blue Cross Charity Shop - it's a lovely shop with a boutiquey feel, but without the high prices.

Treating an unwell or injured pet can be very expensive. Our veterinary services help pets whose owners can't afford private fees. Our clients are on means-tested benefit and we also help people on a low income at our discretion. We have four animal hospitals, three in London (Victoria, Merton and Hammersmith) and one in Grimsby. Our mobile and animal welfare clinics are helping us to care for more animals across the country.

Saturday, 22nd October - Cancer Research UK

You know that thing people do when they ask you to name the six people that you would invite to a dinner party? One guest who just keeps being invited again and again to my party is the fabulous Martin Lewis - Money Saving Expert.

Not only has he saved me, and also, thousands of people like me, a bunch of money, he seems to be a really nice chap - enthuasiastic, clever and passionate.

So I spotted that he is running the Great South Run.

Hi folks. I'd love it if you'd sponsor me for the Great South Run (having been a fat boy at school, running's relatively new to me, this is only my second and by far my longest). Of course do it via gift aid. Also I pledge to match all donations up to a maximum total of £5,000.

While I'd love to raise money, as like many, cancer has hit both mine and Mrs MSE's lives. Please don't donate if you're struggling financially. Though if you can afford something, perhaps as you've saved money on the back of the site or one of my appearances - then that would be fantastic.


And another lovely note once you donate:

Thanks so much for your donation. Its really kind of you to do so. Fingers crossed I can make it through the run now and do you justice. My target time is 1 hour 35 (though being super-competitive in my head Im thinking 1 hour 30) I'll let you know on my blog how it goes - and if I make it.


PS Just to note, call me a soppy git, but Im actually quite moved at how many people I've never met are donating. Thank you so very much.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Friday, 21st October - Breast Cancer Campaign

Today's charity is Breast Cancer Care, as October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I read somewhere that Vanish will donate £1 to them if you "like" them on facebook which I duly did. do you participate?


Where do we come from?

Campaign was established in 1988 with the aim of researching the cure for breast cancer. The charity aims to be the leading specialist in breast cancer research across the UK and Ireland, making a significant impact on breast cancer for the benefit of patients.

What differentiates Campaign from other charities?

Breast Cancer Campaign only funds research into breast cancer and will support research at any centre of excellence in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The charity has a particular interest in supporting innovative research and will fund the best breast cancer research in the UK and Ireland, providing that it is of the highest quality.

What are we doing?

We currently support 105 research projects, worth over £17.3 million in 31 centres of excellence across the UK and Ireland.

What have we done?

In its lifetime the charity has awarded 340 grants with a total value of over £37 million to universities, medical schools and research institutes across the UK and now also in Ireland.

Why do we use the jigsaw logo?

Our logo is the jigsaw piece because it symbolises the missing piece of the puzzle that is the cure for breast cancer. In the same way that breast cancer is not one disease, there will not be one cure. Each research project is another piece of the puzzle that we hope will ultimately offer all women with breast cancer effective diagnosis and treatment and eventually help us prevent the disease.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Thursday, 20th October - Shoemakers

The weekly coffee morning at St Nicolas CHurch in town was for Shoemakers. I've been into the bookshop, but had no idea this was a charity, but it is, and works to spread the gospel. I bought a couple of bits and bobs from the jumble sale, and the very nice lady on the stall accepted all of the change in my purse as payment for my goods, as to be fair, I think I was a few pennies short.

The Christopher Shoemaker Christian Centre, or Shoemakers for short, aims to both reach the unchurched with the gospel message and assist in building up the faith of believers through operating a bookshop, coffee shop and related activities, working in a way that promotes Christian values.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Monday, 17th October - MacMillan Cancer Support

More recycling, this time via this website:

In 1911, a young man named Douglas Macmillan watched his father die of cancer. His father's pain and suffering moved Douglas so much, he founded the 'Society for the Prevention and Relief of Cancer'.

Douglas wanted advice and information to be provided to all people with cancer, homes for patients at low or no cost, and voluntary nurses to attend to patients in their own homes.

Today much of Douglas' legacy lives on. We are still a source of support for people living with cancer today and we are a force for improving cancer care.

Sunday, 16th October- UNICEF

I've made quite a few donations to UNICEF this month, and unfortunately they've taken this to mean that they should spend this money on post, paper and time writing to me! GRRR!

Anyway, I can't be that irritated because they are my charity of the day once again! Once the little one is here, I intend to use reusable nappies, but I've had a few coupons for money off vouchers for disposable nappies. I'm not a fan of our throwaway culture, but have bought a few of these just in case, and they aren't all bad, as each time you buy a pack of Pampers, they donate one vaccine to UNICEF.

UNICEF is the driving force that helps build a world where the rights of every child are realized. We have the global authority to influence decision-makers, and the variety of partners at grassroots level to turn the most innovative ideas into reality. That makes us unique among world organizations, and unique among those working with the young.

We believe that nurturing and caring for children are the cornerstones of human progress. UNICEF was created with this purpose in mind – to work with others to overcome the obstacles that poverty, violence, disease and discrimination place in a child’s path. We believe that we can, together, advance the cause of humanity.

We advocate for measures to give children the best start in life, because proper care at the youngest age forms the strongest foundation for a person’s future.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Friday, 14th October - Age UK

I don't know why I bought this, but as soon as I saw it in the AGE UK shop, I decided I just HAD to have it!!

A world in which older people flourish is a world in which older people will:

be equal citizens with equal rights

have enough money for a secure and decent life, and have access as consumers to the products and services they need at a price they can afford

have access to the healthcare and social care they need

have the opportunity to live healthier longer lives and to enjoy a sense of well-being

live in homes and neighbourhoods that are safe and comfortable and which enable them to lead fulfilling lives

have opportunities to participate and contribute as volunteers, active citizens, good neighbours, family members, and workers

enjoy the benefits of longer life, wherever they are in the world

St Richard's Hospice

Not my charity thing for the day, but well worth a mention was the Snowdrops book shop in Worcester which raises money for St Richard's Hospice. I couldn't find anything to buy but it's in a wonderful location down a pretty alley, there's a wonderful selection of books - just like a normal independent bookshop and the staff were friendly and knowledgable.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Thursday, 13th October - W.I

Since I didn't buy the dress that I was reaching for at the WI coffee morning as I was elbowed out of the way by an elderly lady who was much tougher than me in my current (and hopefully temporary!) fat and mobility restricted state!

So, with a heavy heart, I had to buy some cakes. Life is so unfair sometimes, I thought to myself as I scoffed a piece of chocolate shortcake, a fairy cake and the flapjack that I'd intended to give to MrM.

I've often thought about attending the Women's Institute - can't decide if I'm too young, too untalented in the cake and making things department, or willing to strip off for a charity calendar....Certainly, I'll have to sharpen my elbows a bit first!

The WI plays a unique role in providing women with educational opportunities and the chance to build new skills, to take part in a wide variety of activities and to campaign on issues that matter to them and their communities.

Wednesday, 12th October - NCT

NCT - three letters that seem to be popping up in my diary with increasing regularity...

Today was "working bumps" where we made a donation and were given a talk on the different slings that are available for carrying the baby around. Some of them are alarmingly complicated, but perhaps it's just that my brain isn't operating at maximum efficiency at the moment. However, that's hardly likely to get better, is it?

NCT started in 1956 when Prunella Briance, inspired by the writings of Grantly Dick-Read, placed an advert in the personal columns of The Times and the Daily Telegraph inviting interest in the formation of an association to promote and better understand the Dick-Read system of natural childbirth.

The overwhelming interest and support helped form the Natural Childbirth Association, which later obtained charitable status and became the National Childbirth Trust. NCT obtained charitable status in 1961.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The RENEWAL Community Project

This isn't my charity for today, but thought it was worth a mention to ease my conscience! I am getting bigger and less agile, so unfortunately many of the fundraising activities I had planned for my year of good deeds had to be panned. No marathons, parachute jumps for me, and even physical activity has been curtailed!

At the beginning of the year, I did get involved with the RENEWAL Community Project which is local to me (RENEWAL is a far too clever acronym - REstoration in NEWbury Along the river Lambourn). I really enjoyed doing something with such clear results and met lots of very friendly like-minded people.

So, their next event is a Volunteer Taster Day which I thoroughly recommend (there's even tea and cake at break time!).

it's on Saturday 29th October

River Clean Up
10.00 am
A chance to try out conservation
volunteering, by helping us to clear
rubbish and debris from the river. The
aims of the day are to improve
conditions for wildlife and increase the
flow of the river to reduce the amount
of silt. Meet on the Walton way bridge
off Kiln Road, Shaw.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Terrence Higgins Trust

THT was my charity of the day one day last week. Since then, they've been brilliant. They've written a heartfelt letter (with red ribbon) to say thank you - so simple, but quite rare to get something so meaningful and clear on where the money is going:

"We can't thank you enough for deciding to join us in the fight against HIV in the UK, and the prejudice that surrounds it. We're only a small team here at THT and your support is crucial and so much appreciated. Your support for our work means we can be here to jelp everybody affected by HIV in the most practical ways possible, by providing services such as our helpline, THT direct, counselling sessions and the Hardship Fund that helps those in desperate financial need.

I cannot emphasise enough how much you are genuinely helping to turn people's lives around by helping to fund services like these. The lives of people who are isolated, scared and often the victims of outrageous discrimination because of their HIV status. Thank you so much......."

Then, when I asked them to contact me by email to save on postage, paper and so on, they sent me a really nice email.

However, as some of our mailings can be prepared up to six weeks in advance, it is possible that you may receive a postal appeal from us in this time. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of THT - it really does make a difference. Thank you!

Other charities take note!!

Tuesday, 11th October - UNICEF

An easy one today - so please join me if you can!

Thanks to mums like you, Pampers and UNICEF have helped protect the lives of 100 million mums and their babies in our fight to eliminate maternal and new born tetanus (MNT). There are still millions of mums and babies at risk, many of them in the world's poorest and hardest to reach communities. The good news is that MNT is easily prevented by a simple vaccine. And that's how you can make a difference.

1 Like = 1 life-saving vaccine
Click 'Like' on the Pampers UK & Ireland
page on Facebook.

1 read = 1 life-saving vaccine
Personalise and read Miffy's story with
your child.

1 app = 1 life-saving vaccine
Download our free Pampers Out & About iPhone app to find and share baby-friendly places to go.
Search 'Pampers' on the App store
Visit the app store

1 pack = 1 life-saving vaccine
Buy specially marked packs of Pampers nappies or wipes.

By the end of this year, 7 countries should have completed their vaccination programmes - thanks to the Pampers-UNICEF campaign, and all the mums around the world who, through simple actions, have become part of this truly life-saving story.
UNICEF is the world’s leading organisation focusing on children and child rights, with a presence in more than 190 countries and territories. We work with local communities, partners and governments to ensure every child’s rights to survive and thrive are upheld.

UNICEF UK raises funds for UNICEF’s emergency and development work around the world. In 2009 we raised £50 million for UNICEF’s work with children worldwide, including over £24 million to help children caught in emergencies.

We also advocate for lasting change for children. UNICEF UK’s Public Affairs team works with Parliament to change government policies and practices that are detrimental to child rights in the UK and internationally.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Monday, 10th October - Children's Hospice South West

Another cheat today as I write a press release about a fundraising event where people can pay a rugby player to school a goal for them in aid of Children's Hospice South West!

Just in case you think this is a game-fixing scam, I must stress that this event took place AFTER the match!!

At Children’s Hospice South West we care for children who have illnesses which mean they will die before reaching adulthood. We provide expert care for them, their parents and well siblings.

If you are new to us, then this is the place to find out more about our work. We hope that you will find that despite the serious nature of our work, our hospices are joyful places filled with love and laughter and that supporting our sick children and their families can be both fun and fulfilling.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sunday, 9th October - UNICEF

I seem to have spent quite a lot of time in the last month or so looking at paint samples, and this morning came across the Dulux website which lets you choose a colour and give it a name in return for a donation to UNICEF.

As I am an environmentalist (some people wouldn't acknowledge the first seven letters of that word, perhaps), I chose a dark hue of green which I have named after Mr M - it's now called Mabel Green and is pictured here:

Your average computer, smartphone and tablet can display 16.7 million colours?

That's a lot of colours!

So we want to name each and every one of these colours for at least £1 to raise money for the children's charity UNICEF.

All the money raised will go directly to help transform children's lives, why not pick a colour for yourself or do it as a gift for someone you know.

Tell us why the colour is special to you, donate £1 or as much as you can afford and please use your social networks to help spread the word.

Children across the world need our help. Own a Colour is a fantastic movement started by a small group of individuals - passionate in their belief that small acts can combine collectively to save the lives of many children one child at a time.

Dulux Let's Colour has a mission of 'adding Colour to People's Lives' and is closely aligned to the vision of Own a Colour. Through our Let's Colour programme we have already helped to improve the living environment of many people in many countries around the world. We are pleased that our contribution to Own a Colour has enabled this great website to be built and the initiative kick-started through the collective efforts of our employees.

Own a Colour harnesses the power of colour - your contribution WILL have a positive impact on saving lives of children.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Friday, 7th October - Railway Children

Just got back from work 13 hours after I left this morning, so not much time to do anything for charity today. Fortunately, a charity that appeared here a few months ago sent an email asking us to do the simplest of things.

Perhaps you wouldn't mind doing the same? Click here to "like" if you've got a FB account and Aviva will give £2 to the Railway CHildren. Many thanks!

Excitement is building at Railway Children. We are delighted to announce the launch of our landmark campaign, Street Dance for Change, and we hope you will share in the excitement and spirit. Our good friends at Aviva are continuing to help us raise awareness of children living on the streets and we’ve recruited the help of former Britain’s Got Talent winners Diversity to take our message to a larger audience.

Diversity have created a video to highlight the challenges that children alone and at risk on the streets in the UK face. The video is already becoming a big hit on YouTube, and has even being trending on the front page this week. You can view and share the video at the Street Dance for Change homepage.,KA0A,4T6G9Q,1NCMW,1

Your support is absolutely essential and really will make a difference. You can get involved by recording your own 30-second street dance video, or encouraging any dance-loving friends, family or colleagues to showcase their skills. The most viewed videos will be in with a chance to win tickets to Diversity's 2012 tour and meet Diversity themselves! Find out how to enter and join in, and get tips from Diversity.

What’s more, you don’t have to be a dancer to get involved. Aviva will donate £2* to Railway Children every time a competition entry video is viewed, so please watch the videos and share them with your friends!

Railway Children is an international charity that exists to help vulnerable children in grave circumstances. Our objective is to provide relief to children and young people who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress and in particular to those living on the streets.

For these children, the streets are often the only means of support available but also where they suffer abuse and exploitation.

Since our inception in 1995, Railway Children has helped many thousands of children and young people living alone and at risk on the streets.

Our belief is that early intervention is a crucial aspect of preventing children living on the streets coming to harm, and reaching street children before an abuser can is a vital element of our work.

Railway Children recognises that only a multipronged approach will create sustained change for street children and that's why our 3 Step Change Agenda forms the backbone of our work and the way we aim to achieve our goals. Most pressingly, the immediate needs of children living on the streets in the here and now must be met. Concurrently Railway Children aspires to create a safer, brighter future for our children and we believe that to achieve this we must effect the sustained change that can only come about by educating communities and lobbying governments.

We've also created a video that shows outreach workers supported by Railway Children talking about the crucial work they do with children alone and at risk on the streets in the UK. Watch the video and please ‘like’ the Facebook tab – if you do, Aviva will donate £2* to Railway Children.

We hope you will join us and support Street Dance for Change in any way that you can – be that viewing the videos, sharing the campaign with your friends and family, or even entering your own street dance video!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Thursday, 6th October - Terrence Higgins Trust

The radio often keeps me company while I work and today's Woman's Hour on Radio 4 set me thinking with the upshot that today's charity is the Terrence Higgins Trust where I made a simple online donation here:

Every 77 minutes, somebody in the UK is diagnosed with HIV. THT was one of the first charities to be set up in response to the HIV epidemic and has been at the forefront of the fight against HIV, and improving the nation's sexual health, ever since.

The Terry Higgins Trust was established as a charity in 1982.

Terry Higgins was one of the first people in the UK to die with AIDS. A group of his friends wanted to prevent more people having to face the same illness as Terry. So they named the Trust after him, hoping to personalise and humanise AIDS in a very public way.

We look at the problem of undetected HIV amongst various groups including older women

Please make a note of World AIDS Day on 1 December

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Wednesday, 5th October- Jeans for Genes

This Friday is the annual Jeans for Genes day where schools and workplaces can wear jeans in return for a donation to this charity.

I will be out and about on Friday (and can't fit into my jeans anyway!) so thought I'd make my donation early. The money helps support children with genetic conditions and to fund research.

The money we give to charities is split between research and care for children living with a genetic condition.

Your money will help to change the lives of children with genetic disorders by funding the care and support they need now and the research which could change their futures.

Jeans for Genes awards grants to a wide range of charities involved with genetic disorders, making your valuable donation go that bit further.

If you'd like to take part in Jeans for Genes Day, please visit our website for more information about our annual day of fun and fundraising!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Monday, 3rd October - Operation Christmas Child

Only 80 days until Christmas!!

So, as my charity thing today, I've started putting together a shoe box of good stuff for Samaritan's Purse who send boxes filled with gifts to children in poor conditions overseas.

This is the 21st year of the scheme, and with the Olympics next year, the charity has decided to ask supporters to consider sporting items as part of the gifts.

Last year, an amazing 15,300 boxes were collected from this county (Berkshire), so I hope this year's total will be better! I'm quite excited about putting this together!

Below are 5 simple steps to doing a shoebox with Operation Christmas Child:

1. Find an empty shoebox

The shoebox should ideally be medium size, as shown. Wrap the lid and the box separately in wrapping paper (before going on to insert your gifts).

2. Decide if your gift is for a boy or girl

Click here to download a copy of our boy/girl labels, as part of our online leaflet. Then tick the appropriate age box on the sticker provided, remove it from the leaflet and stick on the outside of the lid (top right). Make sure the label is secure.

3. Fill your box with gifts

You can use the gift ideas list found here for inspiration. Please DO NOT include items in the 'No Thanks' box.

4. Make your donation

We suggest a minimum of £2.50 donation per shoebox - which helps ensure your shoebox gets to where it needs to go. Please donate online if at all possible - so we can tell you where your shoebox went. If not, please complete the donation slip from the downloaded OCC leaflet, enclose a cash or cheque donation, and then place the payment/slip in your shoebox on top of the contents.

5. Drop off your shoebox

Ensure your shoebox is secured with a rubber band around the outside.Take your shoebox to your nearest drop off point between November 1st - 18th. You can use our online locator to find your nearest drop off point.

Sunday, 2nd October - Action for Children

More coins in a pot..

Our vision is a world where all children and young people have a sense of belonging and are loved and valued.

A world where they can break through injustice, deprivation and inequality to fulfil their potential, shape their own destiny and experience the joy of life.

Saturday, 1st October - Teenage Cancer Trust

More coins in a tin - not very inventive...

Teenage Cancer Trust grew out of the dedication and passion of a group of women who discovered the plight of teenagers with cancer by chance.

Whilst fundraising for a children's intensive care heart unit at Guy's Hospital, London, they met a mother whose son developed cancer at 13. He was treated at times in a childrens ward or alongside old people - making the experience far worse for him. The women met the young man’s consultant who explained that not only did young people have to face the trauma of cancer, its treatment, and isolation from their peers at a very sensitive stage of life, but that they also tended to get rare cancers.

The women went on to raise funds to build the very first Teenage Cancer Trust unit at the Middlesex Hospital in London in 1990.


Waves at Dannie (thanks for reading!).


Not long to go now! It's been hugely enjoyable and interesting, although I wish I had more time and money to investigate some of the smaller charities that are out there and that I could find time to help out practically.

I shall be giving this challenge up at the end of the year (or maybe just before....!) so want to hear what YOU have planned for charity!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Friday, 30th September - Macmillan

Work commitments meant I was too late to get to a coffee morning, but I did arrive at an event to find the posters still up, empty cups around and the collection tin still around! I paid for a non existent coffee and cake, and vowed to either arrive earlier next year or organise my own event!

One in three of us will get cancer and it’s the toughest thing most of us will ever face. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, or a loved one has, you’ll want a team of people in your corner supporting you every step of the way.

We provide practical, medical and financial support and push for better cancer care. We are Macmillan Cancer Support.

The number of people with cancer is growing every day. We want to reach and improve the lives of every one of those people