Wednesday, 14 December 2011

World Book Night 2012 update

There's still time to sign up to be a "giver" on 23rd April 2012!

We've had thousands of applications but we still need more givers to register so we wanted to ask you to help us spread the word by telling all your friends and family about World Book Night and encouraging them to be givers. We've extended the application deadline to the end of January and, in response to feedback, made the application process easier.

And we also wanted to assure you that it won't effect your chances of being a giver!

We've changed the process for how givers are chosen for 2012. Our core objective is to ensure that the WBN books reach non or light readers but we do also want to ensure that givers are spread throughout the country. Givers will be chosen first and foremost based on their commitment to give books to non or light readers and the answers to the questions to where, who and why, and then geographic location and when applications were received will be taken in to account.
So providing you've fulfilled our criteria of spreading the love of reading to new readers then how early you've applied will be taken in to account.

We'll let you know whether or not you've been sucessful in February but will keep in touch in the mean time.

Books. The most amazing gift
And finally we can't resist encouraging you to give books this Christmas. Whether it's your favourite, something they've always wanted, brand new or an old favourite, books really do make the perfect gift and we, as book lovers, that you'll receive as many as you give this Christmas!

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