Saturday, 3 December 2011

Sunday, 4th December - South Pole Challenge

I've started drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea which means that I could have the baby at any moment! This means that I am starting to think ahead to ensure that I don't miss a day of my charity endeavours - after all I've got to the beginning of December; it would be silly to give up now!

So although it's still Saturday, Sunday's charity thing was a visit to a table top sale where MrM and I bought some fabulous jam and marmalade as a Christmas present (won't say for who on here!).

The table top sale raised funds for an amazing woman with an incredible goal - more here

A BUSINESSWOMAN, mother and dare-devil from Cold Ash is hoping to join an elite group of people by attempting to ski to the South Pole.
Julie Ashmore, aged 43 of Corner Mead, will take part in the expedition in January and is hoping to raise money for a children's charity at the same time.
It was a case of being in the right place at the right time that meant Mrs Ashmore was able to secure a place on the expedition specially timed to arrive at the South Pole on the 100th anniversary of polar explorer Captain Scott’s 1912 expedition.
While on a business course, Mrs Ashmore met seasoned adventurer and business owner Neil Laughton who led the expedition in which Bear Grylls became the youngest person to reach the top of Everest.
Having already climbed Mt Kilimanjaro but having suffered bad altitude sickness, Mrs Ashmore said she wanted a new challenge and happened to ask Mr Laughton about polar expeditions. And he promptly invited her on his trip in January.
"I could have asked one million people about [polar expeditions] but the first person I asked was him! It was like it was meant to happen."
However, her plan of attempting a challenge without having to worry about altitude sickness back fired when she discovered the poles were at altitude.
She added: "It is on 10,000ft of ice and because of the thinner air, it feels like it is 13,000ft - it's ironic."
While on the trek she will have to pull her sledge, weighing about 60kg and so in a couple of weeks, she will be seen pulling tyres across Cold Ash village green to get in shape.
As well as the weight of the sledge and the fact that she has never skied cross country before, she will have to endure the cold.
“Antarctica is the windiest continent and the coldest so you cannot expose any skin," she said.
Mrs Ashmore, who is the UK Operations Director of financial services group Bibby and the mother of Elizabeth, aged seven and Michael, aged six said that fitting in the training on top of her work life and being a mum had been especially hard.
She said: "Most of my friends and family think I'm completely mad and don't know how I manage it but I have a very supportive husband.
"It's extra exciting (because it's on the anniversary) - I do consider myself to be very lucky."
If she completes the trek she will be one of only 300 people who have ever arrived at the South Pole over land.
Mrs Ashmore is completing the challenge to raise money for Fairbridge, a charity which works with inner city youths to gain the confidence and motivation to change their lives.
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  1. That's an amazing feat I am in awe already!

    Hope the raspberry leaf tea works for you! I tried all sorts, the tea, bouncing on an exercise ball, super duper hot curries. . .