Saturday, 3 December 2011

Saturday, 3rd December - Follow your dreams

Just popped a handful of money into the collection tin of a man collecting for Follow your dreams. I must admit that I'd not heard of this charity before but apparently it's to help children with learning difficulties to realise their full potential.

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  1. I work for Follow Your Dream, and would like to thank you for giving us a mention on your Blog! You're right in saying that we work with children with learning disabilities. We don't look to provide on off special occasions but rather recognise a child's talent or interest and build on that!

    I know it's a cheep plug, but here is our charity blog full of 'Dreams' coming true

    Again please take a look at our website we have loads of things going on around the country, and like all charities we could always do with more support!

    Again thank you for posting this, we're always looking to get the word out