Tuesday, 13 December 2011

NSPCC letter from Santa

I just got a text to say that the young recipient of the NSPCC Christmas letter....(available here for a donation to the NSPCC) http://christmas.nspcc.org.uk/santa is very happy.

"So nice of Father Christmas to send Henry a letter. Very thoughtful of the little elf who reminded him xx"

Your donations make a difference

Answers a child's call for help on ChildLine.

Enables a trained practitioner to deliver one hour of support through the NSPCC Helpline, to protect some of the most vulnerable children in society such as babies or toddlers who cannot call for themselves.

Pays for a child who may have nowhere else to turn to receive confidential, one to one counselling through ChildLine, about an issue which is important to them.

Could pay for an hour of face to face work in one of our services for a vulnerable child and their family.

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  1. Aww, it sounds very sweet and another great way of supporting a charity.x