Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - Scope

It's a beautiful day today, but yesterday - GAH! I didn't step out of the house, preferring to stay in the kitchen making mince pies and throwing around the ingredients like Tom Cruise in Cocktail. I've been making a lot of my own entertainment in the last couple of weeks.

So I did three things in one today, all in Scope whose shop has recently had a revamp and looks great. Everything is reasonably priced, easy to browse through and the staff are friendly.

So, my three things:

1. I handed over some books and other bits and bobs including this which I read yesterday in one sitting.

2. I handed over some stamps as they can make money out of them - still not sure how, but hopefully this will be worth a bit as I have an astonishing array of used stamps including one from a country I'd never heard of!

3. I bought a pair of shoes for MrM which look great but might have to go back as they're a half size too big. We'll see.

The Scope website seems to be down but from memory, they help children and adults with cerebral palsy.


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