Saturday, 3 December 2011

Monday, 5th December - NCT

Yes, yes, ahead of myself again!

We went to the NCT nearly new sale for a donation. The intention was to buy a pushchair and the only one that suited us was priced at £120 (I only had £100 in cash on me and didn't realise you could pay by card until we were leaving). Very fortunately, as MrM and I are currently members of the NCT, we were among those given an extra 15 minutes at the beginning to look at the meticulously presented goodies on offer before everyone was let in. I only managed to come away with a DVD.

National campaigning

Our national campaigning work is based around three campaign areas and our three policies on Pregnancy and Birth, Babyfeeding and Parenthood.

Local campaigning

We encourage and support campaigning across the UK. On these pages you can find the support you need to help make a difference locally using our Activists' Guides to running effective campaigns.National Campaigning
NCT campaigns nationally in three areas: pregnancy and birth; baby feeding and parenthood. We campaign on these objectives:

Pregnancy & Birth
1.One-to-one support in labour
2.Birth environments designed around women's needs
3.Easily accessible, individualised services for all
4.Choice of place of birth
5.Well informed parents and professionals
6.Protection and promotion of the normality of birth

1.The Baby Friendly Initiative being fully implemented
2.Informed, individualised support
3.Integrated government breastfeeding strategies
4.Peer and specialist supporters
5.Well informed and supportive communities

Early parenthood
1.Information on parenting approaches to be evidence-based
2.Continuous parent-centred, empowering services
3.Improved postnatal care
4.High quality, affordable childcare
5.Improved maternity and paternity pay and leave


  1. Shame about the push chair:-( How long have you got left to go now? Am guessing you will be busy getting everything sorted.xx

  2. Hi Dannie! Hope you're well? Not long now - due in a couple of weeks but getting so big that I suspect it will be sooner rather than later!
    I am huge so am loving reading about your challenges and the adventures you get up to!
    Take care m xxx

  3. Wow! Hope the next few weeks go quickly then and your little one will be here soon. I wish you the very best of luck with it al, especially in the early stages when everything is so new.xx