Monday, 5 December 2011

Follow Your Dreams update

I did a dreadfully short blog post about a charity called Follow Your Dreams last week. I found their website but as I couldn't copy and paste, I didn't really say much about what they actually do! Fortunately, someone who works at the charity is far more on the ball than I am and sent me an email to tell me that they work with children with learning disabilities.

We don't look to provide on off special occasions but rather recognise a child's talent or interest and build on that!

Follow them here on twitter too: @Follow_Yr_Dream

They also sent me the following blog post - (I'm not sure that the only reason I did a blog post about them was because I got a sticker though!)

Part of my role working for Follow Your Dreams, is to receive email alerts for any new web content appearing on Google, that contains the words ‘Follow Your Dreams’. As I’m sure you can appreciate I get a lot of alerts with this content and 99% of the time with no relevance to the charity at all!

That said today was a pleasant surprise for me, not only because the alert was related to the charity ‘Follow Your Dreams’, but also because the content wasn’t directly related to anything the office staff had produced such as a press release, no instead it was due to the sticker someone received after making a donation to one of our collectors!

A charity a day is a blog found at and each day a write up is given to a charity, a nice way of spreading the good news of what work goes on out there, and in some cases for little know charities such as ‘Follow Your Dreams’. I’m sure this post only came about due to the little sticker that was handed out in return for the donation given.

It just goes to show the importance of a little sticker no bigger than a 10p coin providing people with our web address! and also makes it clear that we don’t necessarily appreciate the impact that the people we come into contact with each day can have on our charity! Follow Your Dreams has now become visible to an audience that we may not have reached before, and our thanks is sent to the author of the blog A charity a day!

The full post can be read here

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