Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wednesday, 9th November - Operation Christmas Child

Finally dropped my full shoebox to the Shoe Zone in the Kennet Centre. There is no real sign that they're collecting shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child; I thought there might be a Christmas tree with boxes underneath it stacked up festively. But...nothing..

I handed my box to the lady behind the counter, who said: "I'll take that for you". I thanked her for taking my donation and she rolled her eyes and said "you should see how many we have out at the back".

Not the most festive charitable experience, but never mind, it's for a great cause. Hopefully someone will be a bit more excited about the things I've placed in the box!

Operation Christmas Child is, by its very nature, creative. The finding of an empty shoebox. The selecting of the gifts to fill it with. The selecting of the wrapping paper. The wrapping of the shoebox. The packing of the gifts.

What's more, when groups of children and adults come together - be they families, churchgoers, school pupils, workplace colleagues or members of local community groups - that creativity and inspiration just grows. There are countless ways in which your group can make Operation Christmas Child an exciting, involving and meaningful pre-Christmas project.

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