Thursday, 3 November 2011

Thursday, 3rd November - Big Issue

Today's charity thing was buying the Big Issue and am looking forward to sitting with a mug of hot milk to read the cover article "Can you really feed your family for £50 a week?"

MrM and I can live on that for a month - but we desperately want to know if that's sustainable once there's a new member of the family!

Can you really feed a family for £50 a week? As inflation hikes up the cost of living we ask family of 4, the Jardines, to put shopping on a budget to the test... Also in this issue... Star of Batman Begins and Inception, Cillian Murphy, on why he's happy to let the 'charismatic Justin Timberlake' take centre stage in his latest film... We explore the UK adoption crisis which is leaving thousands of kids stranded in care... And funnyman Stephen Merchant on going from gawky teen to Golden Globe winner.

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