Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sunday, 21st November - Dorothy House Hospice

MrM and I were out for a walk and swung by the town hall in Hungerford on the way back where we happened upon the Gaia wellbeing show.

20/11 Sun: SHOW GAIA WELLBEING HEALTH SHOW 11am to 4pm at Hungerford Town Hall

It was a little disappointing, but entry was donated to Dorothy House Hospice in WIltshire so not a wasted 5 minutes!

Our Approach

Dorothy House is a charity, founded on Christian principles of care. All our services in the community and the hospice are provided free of charge and with equal access to all. Our aim is to offer physical, psychological, social and spiritual care to patients and their families facing life threatening illness, death or bereavement, who have specific problems which need our specialist skills. In partnership with all others involved, we focus on quality of life, respecting the uniqueness of each person and their family. We seek to promote the development of palliative care through education of others and research.

To the best of our ability to strive:
•For the highest quality in all we do, to enable the best patient and family care.
•To recognise the commitment to staff and volunteers through support, education and development.
•To respect each person as an individual.
•For effective, open and sensitive communication.
•For effective teamwork and collaboration.
•To share knowledge.
•To review and evaluate all our services.

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