Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wednesday, 19th October - Big Issue

Charity thing today was buying the Big Issue. Despite being the only person in Beaconsfield not driving a brand new shiny 4x4, I didn't see anyone else buy one. Having said that, the seller did try to sneak last week's edition into my hand, having shown me the current issue, and tutting like I'd done her wrong when I asked for the other one....

The Big Issue is one of the UK’s leading social businesses, which twenty years since its inception continues to offer homeless and vulnerably housed people the opportunity to earn a legitimate income.

The organisation is made up of two parts; a limited company which produces and distributes a magazine to a network of street vendors, and a registered charity which exists to help those vendors gain control of their lives by addressing the issues which have contributed to their homelessness.

The Big Issue Company publishes a weekly entertainment and current affairs magazine, which Big Issue sellers (or vendors) buy for £1 and sell for £2, thereby earning £1 per copy. Any post investment profit generated through the sale of the magazine or the sale of advertising is passed on to our charity, The Big Issue Foundation. The Foundation is also reliant upon donations from the public to fund its crucial work with vendors.

The organisation currently supports over 2900 homeless and vulnerably housed people across the country. The magazine is read by over 670,000 people every week throughout the UK

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