Thursday, 13 October 2011

Wednesday, 12th October - NCT

NCT - three letters that seem to be popping up in my diary with increasing regularity...

Today was "working bumps" where we made a donation and were given a talk on the different slings that are available for carrying the baby around. Some of them are alarmingly complicated, but perhaps it's just that my brain isn't operating at maximum efficiency at the moment. However, that's hardly likely to get better, is it?

NCT started in 1956 when Prunella Briance, inspired by the writings of Grantly Dick-Read, placed an advert in the personal columns of The Times and the Daily Telegraph inviting interest in the formation of an association to promote and better understand the Dick-Read system of natural childbirth.

The overwhelming interest and support helped form the Natural Childbirth Association, which later obtained charitable status and became the National Childbirth Trust. NCT obtained charitable status in 1961.

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