Monday, 3 October 2011

Saturday, 1st October - Teenage Cancer Trust

More coins in a tin - not very inventive...

Teenage Cancer Trust grew out of the dedication and passion of a group of women who discovered the plight of teenagers with cancer by chance.

Whilst fundraising for a children's intensive care heart unit at Guy's Hospital, London, they met a mother whose son developed cancer at 13. He was treated at times in a childrens ward or alongside old people - making the experience far worse for him. The women met the young man’s consultant who explained that not only did young people have to face the trauma of cancer, its treatment, and isolation from their peers at a very sensitive stage of life, but that they also tended to get rare cancers.

The women went on to raise funds to build the very first Teenage Cancer Trust unit at the Middlesex Hospital in London in 1990.

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