Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The RENEWAL Community Project

This isn't my charity for today, but thought it was worth a mention to ease my conscience! I am getting bigger and less agile, so unfortunately many of the fundraising activities I had planned for my year of good deeds had to be panned. No marathons, parachute jumps for me, and even physical activity has been curtailed!

At the beginning of the year, I did get involved with the RENEWAL Community Project which is local to me (RENEWAL is a far too clever acronym - REstoration in NEWbury Along the river Lambourn). I really enjoyed doing something with such clear results and met lots of very friendly like-minded people.

So, their next event is a Volunteer Taster Day which I thoroughly recommend (there's even tea and cake at break time!).

it's on Saturday 29th October

River Clean Up
10.00 am
A chance to try out conservation
volunteering, by helping us to clear
rubbish and debris from the river. The
aims of the day are to improve
conditions for wildlife and increase the
flow of the river to reduce the amount
of silt. Meet on the Walton way bridge
off Kiln Road, Shaw.

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