Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tuesday, 6th September - International Medical Education Trust

Big fan of Mark Thomas here! Having been there when he kidnapped (and eventually beheaded) Margaret Moran's bay tree, I was delighted to see that said MP is going to court for "fiddling her expenses" (ie she spent nearly £25,000 on dry rot treatment on her boyfriend's house which is in Southampton - her constituency was in Luton).

So just had a look to see if he was suitably pleased and see he's doing the London to Paris bike ride in aid of a charity that trains doctors, so I sponsored him.

Look at the state of me. There is a fair chance I will keel over clutching my chest half way through this ride, so even more reason to donate. I am raising cash for the medical charity IMET 2000 who have done amazing work in Gaza and the West Bank of Palestine as well as numerous other impoverished places. They train healthcare workers to the highest standards, so the poorest places have the best doctors! Neat huh?!

IMET 2000 aims to promote inexpensive, continuous and accessible healthcare education and training for all professionals working in the global health sector.

Our goal is to provide a firm foundation for improved services to those suffering from diseases and trauma worldwide, in particular economically deprived societies or areas of violent conflict.


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