Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Tuesday, 27th September - Save the Children

I know a young lady who has never worked since she left school at 14. Now aged 45, she has 10 children, with another on the way, fathered by seven different men. This lifestyle bags her 42,000 a year. On the other hand, choose to work when you have children, and about £800 of your salary will have to go to childcare.

This doesn't seem remotely fair, so yesterday's charity thing was to back Save the Children's Childcare CAmpaign. The recent cut to childcare support has added an average of £500 to low and middle income families' childcare costs. Apparently 41% of parents in severe poverty affected by the cut in support through tax credits said they would consider giving up work and 25% are considering reducing their hours. This of course, costs the taxpayer.

Parents in Britain spend almost a third of their incomes on childcare – more than anywhere else in the world – and such high costs have the greatest consequences for the poorest families. The government is planning a further cut in 2013, cutting support for working fmailies who work longer hours when it introduces its universal credit.

Please write to the Chancellor or your MP to ensure that work will always pay and that families are not priced out of work owing to childcare costs.


  1. This is a wonderful cause. Living in London, I have one child and her childcare costs over £700 per month, this is actually considered relatively cheap for full time care!
    It is extremely difficult to juggle costs and it doesn't surprise me when people end up having to cut hours or give up work all together! Why miss out on your child growing up if you only have £100 to show for it after childcare??

  2. Hi Tinuke! I don't know how you manage to do everything so well and still look so refreshed and energetic. MrM and I are having a serious think about what to do re childcare. Just the small matter of the birth to get through first :D