Saturday, 3 September 2011

Saturday, 3rd September - West Berkshire Foster Carers Association

I dragged MrM to a boot sale with me today as he's quite good at letting me know when he thinks I'm about to buy something disastrous. Indeed, this talent was called into action this morning when I decided that what we needed in life was a Des O'Connor LP.

More sensibly, I bought some baby clothes from the West Berkshire Foster Carers Association which raises money to help foster carers.

The West Berkshire Foster Carers Association - Helping us Helping You Help Young People

Our existing foster carers have the kind of knowledge and experience that anyone considering fostering would want to access ... and that is exactly what the West Berkshire Foster Carers Association provide.

Since its formation in early 2005 the West Berkshire Foster Carers Association (affiliated to The Fostering Network) has assisted the Family Placement Team in its recruitment activities, including participating in our popular information evenings for people enquiring about becoming carers.

By talking to the carers direct you have the opportunity to really understand how it works in real life with all its ups and downs. Straight talking and with a wealth of experience our carers provide an ongoing support network between themselves that both adds to and directs our efforts.

By taking new carers under their wing, to ensure you always have the ability to speak to someone who's "been there and done that", they build your confidence in the role and help you develop your abilities further and faster.

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