Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sunday, 28th August - Cornwall Air Ambulance

A while ago, my beautiful nephew, pictured here:

had a little emergency and was attended to by the Cornwall Air Ambulance. Fortunately, he was ok, but today his grandparents organised a cricket match to raise funds, which was wonderful of them. For our part, all we had to do today, was turn up, pay £5 a head, watch a relaxing game of cricket, drink tea and eat scones. This is the best kind of fundraising for a great cause....

In 2011 the cost of keeping the Cornwall Air Ambulance flying and serving the community is expected to be around £30,000 per week, completely depending on the number of emergencies flown.

In it's 21st year, the helicopter attended its 20,000th 999 emergency call, and statistics for recent years show that we are still attending around 1000 incidents each year with current missions numbers well in excess of 22,000 flights. Our distinctive red and yellow helicopter remains one of the busiest in the UK, and is tasked several times every day, giving Cornwall a hardworking value for money service.

The Charity is now known as the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust, and is overseen by a group of professional business trustees, currently seven in number, bringing a range of skills and expertise from both the public and private sector in the county.

The County of Cornwall lends itself to a service of this kind. We have a widely scattered population, remote and isolated communities, and in the summer months, our road networks become congested very easily, making the use of conventional ambulances more difficult. Our beaches, cliff tops, moorland and the sea attract many people, some of whom participate in water sports and extreme sports, a vital part of our tourism and leisure economy, but which also increases the incidence and severity of accidents.

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